Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Naming the Prince

The arrival of a new Royal has British bookmakers busy taking bets on the infant prince's possible name.

Of course, as the baby was born on April 23, both St. George's Day and William Shakespeare's birthday, he might be named George or William, if those names were not already taken.

Odds-on favorite for the no-name-as-yet prince is Arthur, followed by James, Albert and Philip. Way down the list are Wayne, Tarquin, Boris and Donald.

The names currently most popular for male infants are Liam, Noah, Oliver and Logan. Apparently, none of these is in the running.

Meghan Markle suggested the name of one of the characters on "Suits" might be nice--"Harvey, perhaps, or Lewis." Prince Harry said, "Let's give the kid a name that's tough, like Ving or Rocky. Or a pop star name, like Jay-V or Ice Cube or Prince. Hey, how about that? Prince Prince."

If you're placing a bet on the baby's name, and feel lucky, try Leroy. That would pay off at 500/1.

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