Friday, December 13, 2013

Dressing Up for Christmas

A Vancouver bus driver who was told by his employers he could not wear a Santa Claus suit while behind the wheel has now been given an okay. His superiors, caught in a reindeer stampede of public outrage, relented. "Okay, fella," they said, "go ahead and wear your (expletive) Santa outfit. Ho (bleeping) ho."

Emboldened by this, several other drivers have announced their plans to wear costumes. Farley Dingleby says, "I'm going to go as Batman. I've got my cape and mask all ready. And I'll wheel that bus through the streets like the Batmobile."

Melba Lepoole says, "As soon as the warm weather comes, I'm wearing a bikini. And maybe have mai tais in my Thermos."

Finally, Jethro Muldoon will be driving his route in a "Star Trek" costume. "And," says Muldoon, "all the on-board directions will be delivered in Klingon."


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