Monday, December 30, 2013


Many political commentators predicted that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to counter the growing popularity of Justin Trudeau, would this year unleash a charm offensive. Harper's charm had gone, so far, undetected, but political pundits said this would be the year. Less paunch, more charm.

Didn't happen.

Nor did he get his two Christmases wishes: (1) to have hair like Justin's; (2) to stop feeling like a character in "Law and Order" being cross-examined by Tom Mulcair.

But now Conservative insiders report that Harper plans to start 2014 with a big splash: the Prime Minister, wearing maple leaf trunks, nose plugs and hair net, will jet across the country, taking part in Polar Bear Swims from Newfoundland to Victoria.

Theme song by Bobby Darin.  (Stand well back.)

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