Sunday, March 11, 2018

Moonlight Saving Time

So we've lost another hour of sleep. Early morning DJs dragged themselves from bed cursing even more than usual.

The concept of Daylight Saving Time was introduced by someone named Gordon Hudson in 1895, but the first nationwide application came in 1916, imposed by the German Empire. That wasn't the only bad idea Germany had in those years.

But there is an upside: carefully tuck away all those daylight hours you're saving, and next winter, when it's cold and blustery, you can withdraw them and bask in summery warmth! There is an elderly miser in Nebraska who has been hoarding daylight hours since 1943, and when he releases them, it will be like a year in Miami.

Our preference, however, is for Moonlight Saving Time, as proposed by Irving Kahal, words, and Harry Richman, music. The move to Moonlight Saving Time has been pushed by converts from Maurice Chevalier and Jay Wilbur's Hottentots in 1931 to Leonard Feather's Swingin' Swedes in 1952 and Hamilton's Diana Panton in 2007.

Everyone, all together now:

"There oughta be a Moonlight Saving Time
So I could love that girl of mine
Until the birdies wake and chime 'Good Morning!'"

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