Friday, September 13, 2019

Of course we're not superstitious. But...

So it's Friday the 13th. So what. Think we're worried? Hah? Let us give you a list of the superstitions we've discarded:

* Avoiding walking under a ladder.

* Throwing spilled salt over the left shoulder.

* Never putting a hat on a bed.

* Not being the third person on a match.

* Staying clear of black cats.

* Never opening an umbrella indoors (unless it's raining indoors, which is another problem).

If one is in the theatre, there are superstitions peculiar to an actor's life, which include:

* Never whistling backstage.

* Always referring to "Macbeth" as "the Scottish play."

* Never wishing a performer good luck. The accepted wish is "Break a leg."

So let's breeze happily and free of superstitions through Friday the 13th. (Although just to be safe, we're staying indoors all day.)

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