Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Arf! Arf!

As days pass on the Chinese lunar calendar, we come close to entering the Year of the Dog, a triumphant occasion for dachshunds, dobermans, boxers, beagles, bulldogs, Afghans, salukis, greyhounds, great Danes, Irish wolfhounds, Scottish terriers, King Charles spaniels, collies, chihuahuas, pomeranians, poodles, lhasa apsos, mutts and pooches of every size and breed, and, of course and especially, the chow chows and shih tzus. All will be gathering for a gala doghouse celebration.

In China, where the dog is revered, the most popular name for a canine companion is not Spot, Rex, Rover, Prince, Bowser, Lassie or Buddy. It is Wang Cai. Wang Cai translates as "prosperous wealth."

We could all use a dog like that. "Wang Cai! Here, boy!"

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