Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day at the White House

The oval office is covered in hearts, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaning languorously by the Valentine box, garbed in the seductive Gypsy costume of Carmen, a rose between her teeth, which she removes to murmurously sing "Besame Mucho."

Now the Valentine cards are being distributed. Here's the first one:

"Who's in the parlor, kissy-koochin
With glamor puss Steve Mnuchin?"

And how about this?

"Believe me, Paul, you've got me sighin'
For your devotion, Speaker Ryan."

And now, for the President:

"Dear President Trump, don't mean to be nosey,
But do you have a thing for Nancy Pelosi?"

Ha-ha! And one more:

"POTUS, will you dunk a cruller
With your bromance pal, Robert Mueller?"

And let's look at this one, inside a heavily perfumed envelope:

"Chocolate is sweet, durian is smelly.
Let's send a bunch to General Kelly."

And that's it for our inside look at the White House Valentine's party. As we leave, Ms. Huckabee Sanders is about to warble the famous aria from "Carmen" known to Jimmy Durante as "Have a Banana."

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