Friday, July 14, 2017

Cast of Thousands

Investigator Mueller: "So there was another person present at this meeting--a former Soviet intelligence officer?"

D. Jr: "That's right, sir. I kind of forgot about him."

Inv. M: "Any others who might have slipped your mind?"

D. Jr.: "Well, there was a troupe from the Bolshoi Ballet."

Inv. M: "And were they alone?"

D. Jr.: "Not exactly. They were accompanied by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, and--"

Inv. M: "And?"

D. Jr: "And the Red Army Chorus."

Inv. M: "That's quite a full room."

D. Jr: "Jared said it reminded him of that scene in 'A Night at the Opera.' Paul said, no, it was more like that gag at the Moscow Circus where fifty clowns climb out of a tiny car."

Inv. M: "The Moscow Circus."

D. Jr: "They were there, too. With three dancing bears."

Inv. M: "Is that it? Might there have been anyone else?"

D. Jr.: "Only the ghost of Rasputin. Does that count?"

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